Some days demand daring dashes and majestic measures of courage. Just to act like a responsible adult. It is not an easy feat. Not at all.

Being an ostrich with the proverbial head under the sand is the easy way out. That is until one begins to suffocate and the utter darkness ushers in a parade of panic. Attacking slyly at first, followed by a fast and furious attack. Onslaught of attacks of panic. Not so easy then, the route of ignoring and denial.

Hard to look at a mountain of financial debt and various other stuff that adults are tasked to manage and not feel crushed under the sheer load. Perspective. Relativity. Gratitude. Abundance re-frame. Back to the ‘all things are relative’ truth.

Daring, indeed. This living thing called life. Beautiful. Gorgeous. In terrifingly in our face, gotta do it kind of ways. Some days.