I just gotta write a post today. Today is the first day of another month. One of the “J” months. The “J” month that only has one syllable. Yup that month. That makes this the first day of the June month, which also happens to be my appointed birth day month.

As a Korean adoptee adopted many a yesteryear ago, I do not know my real birth date. I have been told that one of the orphanages that I lived in assigned my birth date by guesstimation based on my physical size and/or the day I was brought in and/or found. Like other adoptees whom I have talked to and/or read about, not knowing my actual real birth date has caused me some angst. Even now, in my advanced years or as I like to think of them, in my age of wisdom, I would gladly welcome and rejoice in knowing my for real birth date.

There’s something special about our life story. Each and every one of us has one, both a life and a life’s narrative. Not knowing the beginning part seems to throw the story off kilter. Not enough to ruin the whole tale. Just enough to keep my story mysterious I suppose.