Between last night’s closing of my eyes and this early morning’s opening of them, I sent several prayers wafting upward to the heavens. Prayer requests really. Dear God, Dear Universe, Dear Annie Rosa Lee Dog, Dear Higher Power, Dear Powers That Be ~ Please help me do my best today ~ please help me be of service to my families and my co-workers.

Prayers said partly for true service to other human kind and partly for my ego’s sake of wanting to perform well in front of others. Whatever the reasons, the prayers have been thought, felt, said and sent and I feel better for the ritual of it all.

I might add that the ritual of sitting down at my wooden table desk to write today’s blog entry, reminded me to send a prayer of gratitude for all that the Universe has gifted me ~ so much abundance and goodness ~ right here, right this very moment ~ no waiting involved.

Dear Heavens That Be ~ Please, Help, and Thank You.