If the sunshine was liquid, I would have been having me a long warm pull on the golden hued beverage yesterday afternoon. The rays were out, big time. And so were folks ~ out and about on the multi-use trail in front of my west facing wooden deck. Some were on foot ~ paired up or solo, others on bikes, rollerblades, longboards, unicycles, and shortboards. Some wore old-fashioned sneakers, some others wore flip-flops, or laced up fancy expensive joggers. There were all shapes and sizes of humanity on the trail yesterday. Trundling, speed walking, dilly dallying, jogging, and scooting along.

And then there was me. Sitting. Sitting on an antique wooden rocking chair with a refurbished seat. Soaking up the sun’s shiny warm rays with my feet propped up on a make shift ottoman, a medium blue plastic bin with a floral print throw pillow on top. The plastic ottoman sort of threw off the stately fanciness of the antique refurbished rocker. Oh well. These things happen. Especially on sunny days when serious sun worship is called for.