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A cool late spring, early summer is upon us here in the Almost Always Frozen North Land. Summer solstice is an entire month ahead of us and already our daylight hours extend almost the whole length of the 24-hour cycle we call a day. The baby green hue on the ground, bushes, and trees all whisper promises of the summer still out in front of us.

Still, even knowing that lots of summer gifts are waiting to be revealed, I am calling my yesterday’s GS (aka garage sale) find, the buy of the century. Century, in this current definition, meaning our summer. So, Hear Ye! Hear Ye! junemoon doeth declare the large rectangular wool area rug done up in shades of warm reds, deep blues and cream hues, as the deal of the summer!

The original cost of instant rug was reported by the previous owner as between $350 to $400. This same owner denied that any feline had set paw upon this colorful rug nor had cigarette, pipe or cigar smoke wafted anywhere near the vicinity of the rug’s wool fibers. Said rug appeared to all concerned parties to be in clean and extremely well preserved condition.

Following the inspection and purchase of the above-described room accessory, junemoon doeth declare this GS purchase as the decided winner of the Deal of the Summer Century! The cost to GS purchaser ~ that would be yours truly ~ was… drum roll, please ~ twenty dollars.

Yes, you read me right! Twenty, as in $20, baby. A considerable, sizable, massive discount from the original sticker price. Oh yeah ~ uh huh ~ that’d be what I’m a-talkin’ about ~

Now, please pardon me while I go sink my toes into this soft, deep gorgeous deal of a rug. Oh how I do love summer GS’ing!

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