Yesterday I fell over and landed on my back. I was attempting to squat down to take a hoped for arty photograph of some fast growing, but yet unfurled, ferns. My visiting “V” (aka vertigo) took a swipe at me and over I went. Not quite ass over tea kettle, more like a back flop. From this position, I got a real good look at the white cloud formations scudding across the light blue sky.

I laid there on the ground for about half a minute and for the first couple of seconds I felt like a turtle who had gotten flipped over on my hard shell. Today my left elbow remains a bit bruised and scuffed from the topple over. However, the view from a turtle’s upside down position wasn’t half bad.

This prolonged association with the Bastard Named “V” can be a real ego buster when it knocks me off my center. Good thing that falling over also means getting to see life from a different perspective.

Conclusion ~ it ain’t half bad being a Turtle Down for a minute or two or five.