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That was me. Yesterday. Determined. Mind set ~ hard. Focused. Lasered in, in fact. Jaw aligned. Locked in. Determined.

To have a good day.

In particularly determined to have a good day once I left work mid-afternoon. The beginning of my three-day weekend. Gotta start it out right, on the just right note. Not a minute to waste of a good thing.

And then wouldn’t you know it? That saying that people love to say every so often, the best layed plans of mice and men – that saying? I don’t even know exactly what that means but I have understood the general drift of the meaning. Well that saying caught up to me and bowled me over. Ass over teakettle, over.

The counterpart to the it’s complicated relationship in my life and me ~ we got caught up in a whirlwind of words and as they put it we were off to the races with the blame game. Before we knew it, we were rounding the bend on the final leg of the home stretch of a I’m madder than you race and from the heaviness in our hearts and bitterness in our voices, one would surmise that a big bunch of money was in play for the winner.

My determination to have a good beginning to my three day weekend proved to be a poor match to my gotta be right and you are dead wrong so let’s-ruin-my-day-get-my-fight-on outcome.

Well, today is another day. A new day. A new dawn. As a popular song tells me, loudly over the airwaves.

Here’s a hope that I participate in a good day. That I dance the happy dance along the way.

Wish me luck. And I will wish the same for you ~

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