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Not names of newly acquired pets ~ Crosswise & Puffy.

Descriptors of current mood and physicality? Bingo. You got it. You betcha. For sure.

I see the following in my immediate future ~ drink lots of water, elevate my feet, keep to myself, get focused, put my shoulder into it, work diligently, re-fill my lime green nalgene water bottle ~ numerous times.

Snap out of it. Maybe. Be productive. Most certainly.

Crack a smile.

or two.

Back from my elongated weekend away visiting my favorita haunts at the loveliest and quaintest beach village in this Land of Prolonged Winters. While frolicking about on the shoreline, I re-assured myself that this little town does, indeed, exist and is not merely a figment of my imagination ~ an imagination that is often wild and outrageous.

Treated myself to a latte at my little bakery cafe one morning. Walked the beaches. Spent the lion’s share of my time beachcombing.

And to ease my way back into ‘real life,’ I plan to work from home tomorrow. A compromise, as I was planning on taking tomorrow off but realized that I have too much to accomplish by Wednesday to stick with the original plan. So to get my inner self to go along with this new agenda, I decided to work from mi casa.

Meanwhile, I am pleased that my getaway beach town is still rocking along. And, I am totally pleased that I get the pleasure of visiting it every now and then.

I never cease to be amazed and awed of the power and influence adults have in and over children of all ages. Being amazed, however, does not mean that I don’t sometimes forget. Forget that as an adult, in particular as a parent and for some time now as a Grammie, that I hold considerable influence in my family members’ lives.

Messages are sent constantly via body language, silence, story telling, and touch. Little pitchers have big ears and even when they appear to not be listening or watching or paying attention, they are and do. What are they seeing, hearing, surmising?

We don’t know and cannot know. What we can know for sure is that parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and older brothers and sisters are serving as role models each and every day. Kids do as we do and not so much as what we say.

Like I said, I stand in awe and amazement at the influence and sway that I hold in my grandkiddos’ lives.

The point at which I stand and move about. The trailhead of my elongated weekend. The launching off place. This “x” marks the spot place. That is where I am at.

Wondrous vistas lay in front of me. Mellow moments wait to be savored. Wild adventures to be had. Tempting dishes beg to be devoured. Later. When I arrive ~ to that moment ~ in time.

Between last night’s closing of my eyes and this early morning’s opening of them, I sent several prayers wafting upward to the heavens. Prayer requests really. Dear God, Dear Universe, Dear Annie Rosa Lee Dog, Dear Higher Power, Dear Powers That Be ~ Please help me do my best today ~ please help me be of service to my families and my co-workers.

Prayers said partly for true service to other human kind and partly for my ego’s sake of wanting to perform well in front of others. Whatever the reasons, the prayers have been thought, felt, said and sent and I feel better for the ritual of it all.

I might add that the ritual of sitting down at my wooden table desk to write today’s blog entry, reminded me to send a prayer of gratitude for all that the Universe has gifted me ~ so much abundance and goodness ~ right here, right this very moment ~ no waiting involved.

Dear Heavens That Be ~ Please, Help, and Thank You.

Only the rest of today and all of tomorrow stand between me and a glorious five day interlude from work ~ between me and the sound and feel of rocks and sand shifting beneath my feet as I walk along the water’s edge on my most favorite beach in the whole world ~

I don’t mind that the hours worked in this in between space will equal 20+. The hours will go by fast. Time always does when one is engaged and focused and the work that I do demands both engagement and focused attention. And every now and then when I feel the fatigue creep in or the anxiousness of the moment, I will hear the ocean’s waves and feel the the wind on my rosy cheeks as I walk along the water’s edge ~

Because I will soon be there ~ just past tomorrow ~

If the sunshine was liquid, I would have been having me a long warm pull on the golden hued beverage yesterday afternoon. The rays were out, big time. And so were folks ~ out and about on the multi-use trail in front of my west facing wooden deck. Some were on foot ~ paired up or solo, others on bikes, rollerblades, longboards, unicycles, and shortboards. Some wore old-fashioned sneakers, some others wore flip-flops, or laced up fancy expensive joggers. There were all shapes and sizes of humanity on the trail yesterday. Trundling, speed walking, dilly dallying, jogging, and scooting along.

And then there was me. Sitting. Sitting on an antique wooden rocking chair with a refurbished seat. Soaking up the sun’s shiny warm rays with my feet propped up on a make shift ottoman, a medium blue plastic bin with a floral print throw pillow on top. The plastic ottoman sort of threw off the stately fanciness of the antique refurbished rocker. Oh well. These things happen. Especially on sunny days when serious sun worship is called for.

Rainy Days and Mondays by the Carpenters. Sometimes that tune and those lyrics in the voice of Karen Carpenter play round and round in my ears, via my very own internal Ihead. This morning is the beginning of one of those days. Timely, one might say. Or another variation of the same saying, right on time.

Today is a Monday.

A cool late spring, early summer is upon us here in the Almost Always Frozen North Land. Summer solstice is an entire month ahead of us and already our daylight hours extend almost the whole length of the 24-hour cycle we call a day. The baby green hue on the ground, bushes, and trees all whisper promises of the summer still out in front of us.

Still, even knowing that lots of summer gifts are waiting to be revealed, I am calling my yesterday’s GS (aka garage sale) find, the buy of the century. Century, in this current definition, meaning our summer. So, Hear Ye! Hear Ye! junemoon doeth declare the large rectangular wool area rug done up in shades of warm reds, deep blues and cream hues, as the deal of the summer!

The original cost of instant rug was reported by the previous owner as between $350 to $400. This same owner denied that any feline had set paw upon this colorful rug nor had cigarette, pipe or cigar smoke wafted anywhere near the vicinity of the rug’s wool fibers. Said rug appeared to all concerned parties to be in clean and extremely well preserved condition.

Following the inspection and purchase of the above-described room accessory, junemoon doeth declare this GS purchase as the decided winner of the Deal of the Summer Century! The cost to GS purchaser ~ that would be yours truly ~ was… drum roll, please ~ twenty dollars.

Yes, you read me right! Twenty, as in $20, baby. A considerable, sizable, massive discount from the original sticker price. Oh yeah ~ uh huh ~ that’d be what I’m a-talkin’ about ~

Now, please pardon me while I go sink my toes into this soft, deep gorgeous deal of a rug. Oh how I do love summer GS’ing!

Yesterday I fell over and landed on my back. I was attempting to squat down to take a hoped for arty photograph of some fast growing, but yet unfurled, ferns. My visiting “V” (aka vertigo) took a swipe at me and over I went. Not quite ass over tea kettle, more like a back flop. From this position, I got a real good look at the white cloud formations scudding across the light blue sky.

I laid there on the ground for about half a minute and for the first couple of seconds I felt like a turtle who had gotten flipped over on my hard shell. Today my left elbow remains a bit bruised and scuffed from the topple over. However, the view from a turtle’s upside down position wasn’t half bad.

This prolonged association with the Bastard Named “V” can be a real ego buster when it knocks me off my center. Good thing that falling over also means getting to see life from a different perspective.

Conclusion ~ it ain’t half bad being a Turtle Down for a minute or two or five.

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