I wanna keep an open mind. I really really really do. So for the past couple of days, meaning for this week while I am participating in my training program for work, I have been reminding myself to keep my mind open.

Reminding is really an understatement. of gargantuan proportions.

In order to keep the jaws of my mind from clanging and clamping forever shut, I have pulled out all of the stops. I have dug deep. real deep. I have searched high and low for all of my coping tools to keep my mind open to this particular therapy model and its’ accompanying theory.

I have been successful. mostly. successful.

I mean, there’s been a few clanging sounds as the jaws of my mind and their side doors slammed shut. But with the use of my newly oiled tools from my coping tool box I was able to pry the jaws open again. Plus, I was able to convince my wiser, more mature self to hang out a lot this week to help my younger, more impulsive and less wise self ~ to help this youngster remember that there are more than one or two ways to learn and teach.

Later this afternoon the training is slated to come to a close. Yippeee! and, Amen!

I can feel the warm humid wind blowing through my wide open mind even as I type these words. Maybe the good new stuff is weighted enough to stay and the other stuff will blow away in the breeze.