Okay. So that is not always true. There are often two ways about most things. Two ways of accomplishing things, goals, end products, projects, assignments, purposes. Sometimes there are more than two ways.

And yes, it is true. There are times that there are, indeed, no two ways about it. When those times come around, there is only one way about it. To do it. To accomplish it. To arrive at a destination. Only one.

Thankfully, I believe those one way to do it times happen only on occasion. Not frequently.


Cuz coping with a big case of the “V” (aka vertigo) requires multiple coping skills and ways in which to accomplish most everything in a day’s worth of needing to get done. These things run the gamut from simple tasks ~ brushing one’s teeth without bending over the sink and without making a mess ~ to complex ~ packing one’s suitcase for a week’s worth of living and packing the correct and needed items.

The phrase “work smarter not harder” ~ comes to mind. And then in the case of a “V” influenced mind, this helpful phrase just as quickly slides out again.

Good thing that most often there are two and three and sometimes four ways to go about things.