That’s what my brain is, T-I-R-E-D, right this very moment after spending the bulk of the day dialoging about racism. With a White person who “just wasn’t raised around racism,” and as a result “cannot understand why people put so much emphasis on their ethnicity and race – after all, I am a blend of Caucasian and Spaniard lineage and have never had anyone treat me poorly based on my race.”

I feel tired each time I hear these kind of statements and I hear them whenever the topic of race and racism is broached.

With this particular individual, I have an investment in getting along with her and building a relationship as she will be my right-hand assistant in my new job. Plus, there are many things I really like about her. I hope my efforts to balance the education about racism and being colleagues is worth the required bucket-fulls of energy and effort and patience and acceptance.