What is your ability to pay? initial visit. various and sundry tests. anesthesia, if required. sedative, once again, if required. follow-up appointments. additional care providers, if needed.

What is your ability to pay? sandwich. cup of soup mixes, the kind in the styrofoam container, just add boiling water. canned food, from the dinted and scuffed up bin. bread, from the been here for a long time but still hasn’t grown mold shelf. dried legumes. fruit, spotted here and there.

What is your ability to pay?

Please assess prior to entering. Excuses, masquerading as reasons or backstories ~ formerly known as histories and herstories, must be left at the door. Multiple methods of payment accepted. paper bills. coins. check. credit card, a variety, including American Express. debit card.

No excuses.

What is your ability to pay.