Was struck with a thunderbolt of good thought this morning.

My new job requires me to attend a week long training in another state. To arrive at my workshop destination, I must board an airplane that will take off, go high above the ground, then descend and return to earth. In fact, the getting to this training site requires three rounds of the taking off and landings.

I have been growing increasingly anxious over the thought that the flying might exacerbate my “V” (aka vertigo) and that I might be horribly terribly awfully incapable of being healthy.

And then just a few minutes ago, it dawned on me that the take off’s and descents might just as well cure the visiting “V” and make it depart my body. Ohhhhh! Just the thought of this possibility makes me smile. Brings hope to my heart. Makes me want to do the Happy Dance.

Just think.

It could happen.

For realz People. It could definitely happen.