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My recent move has gone smoothly, by and large. I am now fine-tuning little things. Establishing new routines. Finding my comfort zone in this new space. Navigating this change as I simultaneously settle into my new job. This getting accustomed to, requires my learning the P and P’s (policies and procedures) of this new workplace. I am unused to being an employee, having run my own business(es) for many years prior to my recent stint at being a grad student and intern. But all of the work stuff is really for another post because what I am thinking of this sunny afternoon is creating new routines in my new living space.

My companion “V” (aka vertigo) is requiring me to give up my morning joe. Dang it! I am currently trying out a new ritual to replace the Morning Cup of Rich Aromatic Dark Joe. The new plan goes like this ~ I arrive home from my place of employment, shed my work duds and replace them with my comfy soft home duds, fire up the laptop, and make myself a cup of peppermint tea. After the tea has steeped, I remove the bag, and drizzle in unsweetened soy milk, which I stir with a spoon. I then bring the cup of tea to my table desk, where I sit down and write my daily blog post.

This ritual has only taken place two times thus far and is far from being a habit. I think I am going to keep practicing this tea ritual at the end of the day on the days that I don’t have other activities planned. Maybe I will like it enough to set aside the time in the schedule. For today, I am glad that I have my cup of hot tea. The warmth and the minty taste and aroma mingle with the creaminess of the soy milk and soothes my spirit.

Soothing is good.

Establishing new comfort rituals and routines take time. I can be patient. The tea is helping me in that direction.

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