That’s how my neck, shoulders, and back feel right now as I sit at my table desk writing this post. My liquid concoction of hot peppermint herbal tea with two splashes of unsweetened soy milk does not appear to be lowering the elevated shoulders, yet. I remind myself to straighten my spine and roll my shoulders up and down, a little this way and that.

I am new at my job and the training that is required for the evidence-based model that I will be employing with families won’t take place for another couple of weeks. So I am left with finding things to occupy myself in my office. I am moderately to highly resourcesful so I am not sitting idle, twiddling my thumbs. However, I am far from engaging in dynamic purposeful activities. And I am sitting, a lot.

Thus, I am hunched. Re-framed, my shoulders, neck, and back feel hunched.

Some days are like that.