Historically, I have been a list maker, creator, jotter, master, and keeper. Important, not-to-forget stuff has been recorded on these lists ~ errands, groshes (aka groceries), holiday gifts and cards, books (already read and future reading), upcoming birth days, things to accomplish on any given weekend, and things to accomplish on any given day.

Lots and lots of lists. Written. Checked off. Crossed through. Lamented.

Some items, not accomplished or unfinished, roll onto the next list. Others, finished for only a second, before the next list is begun ~ another grosh list, another day’s worth of things to accomplish just waiting to be memorialized on paper or in an electronic note to self.

Mundane. Not for me. Not now anyway. I am emerging from months of a deep dark depression. During this difficult period, nothing seemed worth doing, much less looking forward far enough to plan. So now when I feel the urge of jotting down a task lest I forget to accomplish it, I feel hope. Hope for the returning engagement in my life.

On today’s list ~ organize underwear drawer. Check.


Hope arrives in many forms.

Now, that feels simply good.