New Friends. Old Friends. Not to be confused with New Friends who are chronologically old. Some are Silver and some are Gold. I think of the Old as being Silver cuz of the silver-colored hair but that would be really confusing the whole matter since the Old Friends doesn’t necessarily mean old in age but friends whom we’ve had for a long time.

If my way of thinking is correct, that Old Friends equal Silver, then New Friends = Gold. Now which is worth more, silver or gold? I suppose gold in most markets is worth more than silver, right? Somehow in friendship I don’t think one can estimate the value using the commodities market or whatever market or scale that is/are used to measure the worth of shiny metals and ores.

This week I have made new acquaintances and one new friend. At least right now I think one of the people whom I met will become a friend. We’ve already hugged each other hello like you do with folks who fall within the friend category. I have also interacted with an Old Friend. Someone who I knew and hung out with in my 20’s but haven’t seen for many years. I also interacted with the husband of an Old Friend whom I hung out with in my 20’s and 30’s but, again, haven’t seen for many years. He remembered more about me than I remembered about him. I do, however, remember his wife, my Old Friend.

All of that interaction with people has led me down the path to thinking about silver and gold. No ah-ha moments have resulted, yet. Just a walk down memory lane as well as hope for the growth and endurance of a new friendship.

Not bad for my second week of work at my new job, huh?