I forgot to factor in amongst all of my recent life changes that one of them was that I would be without internet access for a while. That does not mean that I was not thinking of my little blog and all of the missing-in-action posts. Because I was and I did. Thinking about this blog and the MIA posts.

But hey ~ life happens. Internet connectivity does not seem to be a right in the Bill of Life.

But hey, again.

And a real Hey as in a shout out to the blogosphere ~ junemoon and her duck’s butt have returned.

Now about some of my life changes. I now live somewhere else than I did less than a full week ago. I started a new to me job and today marked one week of this new employment. Let’s see, what else? Well, I gained a pound. Yes, another one. But a new to me one.

What has remained the same. The Big Vertigo is still my constant companion. I have nicknamed Him “V” but feel a bit strange referencing Him as such since some folks have comfused the “V” for meaning vagina. It’s not that I don’t have a vagina, it’s that the “V” in this case means vertigo. Hope that definition clause clears things up in the “V” department. Oh, and the “V” is still a bastard. A Big Unwanted Bastard. Oh, He’s Unloved as well.

Oh and it snowed like a blizzard today. Big heavy wet flakes. Perfect Snow Man snow. But I still believe that spring will arrive. One day. Further on down the road.