My life is fixing to be full up with new things right about tomorrow and the rest of this calendar week. New place to lay my head (figuratively speaking, since I am working on almost two months of sleeping upright) and new place to spend my days as I begin a new job tomorrow. I will be sure to stay grounded by keeping my commitment to post daily in this little blog.

Has anybody else read the children’s book Rabbit Hill? I loved that book as a child and I still love the book in my adulthood. In this book, the animals that live near a house are all filled up with gossip about the new folks who are moving in. The animals wonder if the new folks will be planting folk, as in planting a new garden or if they will put out good garbage for them to forage through.

Whenever I think of doing something new, I think of Rabbit Hill and the animals’ refrain of new folks comin’.

Thought I’d share that tidbit ~ while I prepare to have lots of new things in my life.