My days are filled up ~ eating savory salty smoked salmon, while watching out for the bones ~ watching a newly released movie about good guys and bad guys, acted out with good and sort of good looking actors ~ eating creamy tangy cambozola soft cheese smeared on fancy crackers sprinkled with seeds ~ sorting and sifting through years of bygone memories, some good some not so good but all gone by ~ packing clothes, some designated for work, some outgrown but hoped to fit again soon once I shrink in girth, some fancy and some just soft and pretty ~ eating bright red ripe strawberries, cut in half by someone other than me ~ riding in cars driven by others, from one place to another and then back again ~ drinking piping hot strong coffee, made mahagony colored with heavy half n’half, drank from a fine china cup and placed back in its matching saucer ~ listening to others talk on telephones with their loved ones ~ hearing the non-stop basketball games, with no favored team ~ sorting and packing ~ watching dust motes swirl up in the pale sun lit room, from which I will very soon leave for the last time ~

Days filled up with doings ~