My current favorita word, descriptor and identifier. Bastard.

There is the Vertigo, or V for short. Most certainly a bastard. There is the cold water only, meaning no hot or even warm water for the morning shower. Most certainly a bastard. There are the entities and/or people out there who make the bad stuff happen in the world. Most certainly bastards.

Do you sense where I am going with this? If you guessed, not far, you would be correct. Because saying bastard or bastards has only gotten me so far. Meaning, not far.

Nonetheless, texting the word bastard makes me smile and maybe even giggle, just a little. You might too if you knew me a little better. You see, I am not the sort that you would image blurting out bastard. And texting is tantamount to blurting, right? Now that I think about it, I think I have been texting my new favorita word more than I have been saying it out loud. Oh well. Either way, makes me smile and giggle, just a little. Every time. Probably because it’s a new thing. Were I to keep this up, it might just become irritating and grim and not so funny anymore. Probably.

Okay you humorless basta#*#. Oops.

Oh, the brown moose that is grazing on the little trees outside? He. He is not a bastard. Most definitely not. No bastard is he.