A plentitude of thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears, and regrets are tumbling around in my old noggin’ and psyche today. Banging up against one another, vying for the space within the tumbler. I imagine a dark gritty agent thrown in, with or without intention, softening the sharp edges and hollowing out the chipped indentations.

At some point the constant motion, all the banging and upheaval, will produce an altered product. I suppose if the churning continues long enough, what started out big will become small or even be pulverized. What went in shiny may become dinged and imperfect. A rough rock may morph into a semi-precious stone full of rich veins of wisdom. At the very least, there most certainly will be shiny places. Here and there. To be found. Admired.

So tumble and grind it out, you worries and hopes and visualizations of what is not quite manifested and fears that may never come to fruition. Have a hay day of change and I will check in on you manana.