Yes. I am beset this morning with a vigorous assault of thoughts involving various scenarios of my future. None of which appear to include much fun. In the field of psychology, there is an instrument that rates life’s stressors such as death of partner, loss and/or change of job, moving of residence, health issues, and other transitions or maladies.

I am currently grappling with some pretty high listing life stressors, including but not limited to, change in my relationship status, moving of residence, prolonged unemployment, concerns with health and being me. The latter stressor seems to be the one causing me the most turmoil and upheaval.

When compared to other Earth inhabitants’ life stressors in other parts of the world such as Japan, Libya, or a small town in rural Virginia, my set of circumstances and shifting plains seem paltry in magnitude. And in many ways, they are. I realize this fact.

That does not erase my unease, anxiety, or fears. Knowing that there are others who are facing much greater stressors definitely calls up my compassionate concern and grief. And maybe even for a short minute or two, my own miseries and worries subside. But then my mere mortal egocentricities put me and my own life front and center, once again.

So today, I add my prayers with all the others wafting toward the heavens and out into the universe, for the peoples in the world who are at risk from both other humans and from Mother Nature. I pray, too, for myself.

I pray for help in navigating my life transitions, for a respite from my worry demons, for faith in the goodness in the world, and for the courage to fully live my life. I pray to remember that I belong, and am connected, to this Earth and Her inhabitants. Finally, I pray to walk the path of my life in faith and belief in the Universal powers that be, beyond self, beyond good and bad ~ right and wrong.