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Now that we have sprang forward. or is it, now that we have sprung forward. it couldn’t be now that we have springed forward, could it? Whatever. Now that we are forward, as in ahead of what we used to be by one hour, I feel like I have been sprung – sprang – springed free. It is light now until 8:30’ish in the evening. That means that I can plan to attend late afternoon and/or early evening events or even act on a wild urge and go grocery shopping after 7 without fear of being caught out after dark.

Night blindness is a bummer. Particularly when one lives in the Frozen Frigid Dark as Night Half of the Time North Land. The elongated darkness puts a definite crimp in the old social life. For sure. But for now, I am rejoicing in being sprung. So much so, I not only turned my clock forward one hour the other night, I hurdled myself into the future (vertigo or no vertigo).

Speaking of vertigo… still with me. making the best of the situation. currently working on not freaking out when the waves crash me into vertigo land. so far, staying upright when walking.

Now with the added daylight I am freed up to drive more and for longer. I will do so as soon as my vertigo departs. As Rosanne Rosanna Danna used to say, “it’s always something.” But let’s look on the bright side of the light deal ~ we’re almost to the half and half mark! Yay! and yay, again.

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