Dilemma. Small to middling in size. Do I go out to lunch or stay in and eat a can of soup? Okay. I admitted that the head-scratcher was small to middling…

Need more information before weighing in on the decision? Lunch out would include hot piping or at the very least, warm pan seared gyoza, white sticky rice, salty miso soup, a salad with chunks of torn pale green iceberg lettuce with a few shavings of carrots and purple cabbage covered in a savory creamy dressing. Lunch in would consist of a can of grilled sirloin steak with hearty vegetables, served steamy hot in a thick white diner-like bowl.

A few more tidbits of information required? Sheesh. Maybe this is a bigger horned dilemma than I first imagined. Lunch out would be paid for by someone other than me. Lunch in has already been paid for and is readily available a few steps away, albeit still in the pop-up lidded can.

The final consideration is… Lunch in would not require a shower, blow drying of hair, and various other toiletry related preparations, including getting dressed to go out into the world. Lunch out would require the aforementioned primping, preening and dressing.

What to do, what to do?

I’m on the horns of one bigger-than-I-first-assessed dilemma. To gyoza, or ??