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I am in labor. Serious birthing labor. of a new blog. This birth would be a miracle of the medical variety were the blog a human being as the Mother Blogger is without, as in sans, womb. I/She used to own one but it malfunctioned and was recalled a few years ago. Why the hell am I oversharing about a uterus gone bad when I need an epidural, stat, for the blog that I am laboriously huffing and puffing, not to mention the accompanying cussing, to push out into the world.

Dear Lord!

One of the things I appreciate about WordPress are the numerous forums, tutorials, and how-to videos that are made available. The glitch that I have going on sometimes (meaning, often or most of the time) is knowing what question to ask. How to craft the inquiry so that I tap into the megaminds and tons of information that are just waiting “out there” to answer any question I could ever possibly think up, even before I ask it. Therein lies the rub. Indeed, my brain cells are chaffed raw with this “how to ask what I want to know,” rub.

But I will not despair. That’s a lie. out and out. Cuz I do and have and can clearly see that I will in the future, despair. I will and have thrown up my hands in despair. Thrown back my head (not literally with the vertigo deal) and howled and cursed, really loudly. In fact, it’s a medical miracle that I still have my head on my shoulders (get it, screamed my head off). What I will not do, however, is give up and let my almost alive and yearning to be born new blog, die and be forever stuck in my brain cells and psyche. No way!

This soon-to-be new blog is gonna be birthed, electronic epidural or no. And it looks like that this Mother Blogger will be white knuckling her way through this birthing event as I cannot seem to freaking ask the right question in the correct format to secure the would-be-great-to-have-right-about-two days-ago-epidural. As in, electronic anesthesia.

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