Squirrels eat baby rabbits. Bunnies. Scarf ’em down. Haul ’em off injured but alive for the purpose of eating them, the bunnies. The soon-to-be-squirrel’s-dinner, late lunch, or maybe even a snack if it’s a tiny newborn baby bunny.

Squirrels also eat baby birds. They then, sometimes, appropriate the emptied nest for their own. For their baby squirrels. Or perhaps re-purposed as a basket to hold the baby rabbit carcasses.

I did not know this information until this past Saturday when I read an article in the current issue of a local magazine. Up until Saturday, I ignorantly thought that squirrels were seed and nut eaters. In all of my daydreams, if I were to have had any, I never pictured them tearing away at, or gulping down, a baby bunny. Nope. Indeedy. I did not.

That old saying, ignorance is bliss, is true in this case and many others but particularly true in the case of infant eating squirrels that I used to affectionately call Sammy the Squirrel(s). Need a napkin Sammy? You have a little baby bird blood dripping from your whiskers.