Breathing deeply. I guess it’s on the exhale that the last breath is taken versus the inhale. To hold one’s breath takes effort, use of muscles, and at some point intention.

Mortality. or more specifically, the split second between being here and moving on to the somewhere else. that’s what’s on my mind.

Human beings are so strong, powerful, incredible and you know we’re fragile and flailing all at once. In an instant the power that it takes to move our arms and legs, the energy fueling our brains and our beating hearts, can disappear. just like a puppet falling to the stage when its strings are cut. and just like that puppet, our human form lies in a heap once the last breath is exhaled.

and then what? human ego and egocentricities demand that we go on in some fashion ~ spirit form, soul, recycle through karmic intention. whatever happens. wherever we might go. instantly. maybe. maybe the passage, the transition, takes ages in Earth time. who knows? I don’t.

but I wonder.

this topic on my mind gets a lot of air time in my head.