Today is a perfect day for napping. Slightly overcast with a smattering of pale blue patches overhead. A few little birds flitting by the window, landing briefly on the birch branches and spruce boughs, then continuing on their daily forage. Days are long enough now that a mid-day nap doesn’t mean wasting the little amount of granted daylight. Small aircraft droning above the roof and tree tops. Soothing. Could lull me right off to dreamland.

I am longing to sleep. To be most specific, I am really wanting to lie down, to stretch out, to roll over on my side, to flip back over, and stretch ~ all while lying down. I’m coming up on a month of sleeping in the upright position and I am here to tell you that I would rather sleep in the prone position.

However, vertical or horizontal, I feel an early afternoon nap calling my name. Alright. Alright. If you insist.