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I would be a good candidate to strut my stuff on the catwalk today. All it would take would be a few adjustments here and there. Like, adopt a catwalk strut. Grow a couple of inches taller. Shrink a couple or three or five inches sideways. Hey, it could be done, right? And catwalks aren’t just for young women, right? Or just for the svelte and sexy. Right?

The reason for this modeling of outfit after outfit while balancing on a little step stool in front of my bathroom mirror is not, as you might think, for pure enjoyment. The balancing alone, sets my nerves on edge as I am still afflicted with the vertigo deal. And the yanking, pulling, and tugging at pairs of various trousers, which all apparently shrunk on their last trip to the dry cleaners, has pretty much lowered my already less than elevated self esteem. I just keep reminding myself not to look down, lest I catch a glimpse of my quivery belly parts, as I shift about trying to get that just right view of my butt. Have to make sure there are no panty lines, right?

All of this mirror gazing is in preparation for another job interview scheduled for tomorrow. I perform very well in interviews, both face-to-face and telephonic ones, or at least that has been case. A skill set that I have been able to count on, one that has served me well. That is up until this past six months when I seem to have possibly lost my interview mojo. To be fair, I need to factor in the part that I am attempting to secure work in my field, near my family, which narrows the hunt by a large margin. So, this quest has me applying and interviewing for some positions that are less than my ideal choice.

Tomorrow’s interview is for a perfect position. All it would take would be working with a different population, a higher salary, and a different work schedule. Throw in being able to incorporate my education, training, and preferred clinical theoretical orientations and, voila, perfection. But hey, I have been without income for too long and I miss collaborating with clients as they strive toward improving their life experiences. And did I mention that I wouldn’t mind, as in I would truly love and appreciate, making some money?

So today’s catwalk balancing act(s) in my bathroom will all be worth it if I can put my best foot forward in tomorrow’s interview for my for now, perfect job. Toward that goal, can you kindly tell me if this outfit makes my thighs look too thin?

[ooooh, that was a good one – made me laugh, just a little, and that is a good thing]

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