Last night I was introduced to poet Charles Wright. Not in person, though I wish that had been the case. Mr. Wright was showcased on PBS and read some of his work from his Virginia studio. Since hearing him read several of his poems, I have since listened to the audio version, over and over again. What a gift he is to us here on earth.

Poet Wright spoke of the underlying or overriding theme of God and mortality ~ of how his curiousity and reflections on these two topics are woven throughout his body of work. I paid special attention to his homage to the changes in his perspectives on life as he ages ~ trying to say more with less words and the recognition of what was important back then, seeming more common place or ordinary today.

Two passages, from separate poems are re-playing in my heart and mind’s eye ~

Our lives are such common stories,
fallen leaves on a long path.
We wait it out, I guess, counting our sins and our have-not-dones.


My home isn’t here, but I doubt that it’s there either —
Empty and full have the same glass,
though neither shows you the way.

Thank you Poet Wright for sharing your thoughts, reflections, and curiosity about life and the beyond with the world.