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It must be the first of another month since the rent is due today. I just finished handing the rent check to my landlady, sort of roommate, which entitles me to continue living in my humble abode for one more month. Rented space. Home. Although this space for all the time that I have been an inhabitant has felt more like borrowed space, or a stopping off point, than my home. Temporary. A “don’t get used to the view” sort of vibe.

But I have. Gotten used to and attached to the view.

I will be moving soon from this place and the view will be different from the next set of rented windows. The view from these north facing windows have been the prized perk of living here. Surprising and unexpected, as I have previously been known to reject even checking out potential rental properties if a southern or western view was missing. A lesson of sorts, don’t be too quick to judge four walls.

These windows have been a real bright spot (pun sort of, and intended). For one thing, there are lots of them and they are large. There used to be skylights in the kitchen and the bathroom but a couple of winters ago, the landlady/roommate decided to conserve energy and plastered over them. I loved the skylights and still miss them, drafts and all.


Like I said, I will be moving soon. Leaving the view and covered up skylights behind. The now occupied space will be vacant and the next inhabitant will be unaware of the skylights hidden behind the plaster and drywall. And I will be getting used to another view from another rented space. Until then, have I mentioned that the sun is shining from an easterly direction, lighting up the evergreen boughs outside my north facing window?

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