I am forever amazed how the saying “like riding a bike” can be so wonk, as in whack, like in wassup dude – okay, not really so much on that last one but, how that saying is just plain wrong, a lot of the time. Maybe it’s because I learned how to ride a bike in my mid-20’s and not as a child. Or maybe it’s because the bike I learned on was hot pink and was at least 3rd or 4th-hand-me-down vintage and was a 3-speed that had to be held in 1st gear by a chunk of wire. Whatever the reason, that saying does not compute in my life.

In fact, I am regularly surprised and perplexed by how many learned skills one person, in this case me, can forget. Completely purge from the memory banks. At my stage in life, one might be considering memory issues brought on by Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, early stage dementia, that would be. Perhaps I have the classic case of denial but I have completed a self-diagnosis (I am a doctor after all) and have ruled out those possible diagnoses. So I am left with a real head-scratcher.

Maybe since I claim to be, and am, a life long learner, an avid reader and researcher, maybe there is just so much new incoming information that old stuff just falls out of the equation to make room for the new and shiny. Or maybe that other saying “use it or lose it,” is applicable beyond body building and flexibility.

Anyway. What’s got me going on this conundrum today is that I am toying with starting another blog. Not a replacement blog to this one, just another blog. Therein lies the rub. I cannot seem to recall how to start a blog. Now I once learned how to do start a blog. Obviously. I have been blogging on this blog since December 2006. For real. And I am pretty sure that I was the creator of this blog as I was a grad student at the time and money was not available to outsource such a service.

So, as in other areas of my life, I find myself back at the proverbial blogging board. It’s like learning Powerpoint or Excel all over again, which, as you’ve probably already guessed, I’ve had to re-learn on more than one occasion. Geesh.

Better go find my chipped hot pink bike.