Crunch. Munch.

As in munching down on some crunchy purple shredded cabbage, crisp chunks of red and white radishes, chopped green onions, fresh cilantro leaves stems and all, and a few salty black olive halves ~ all sittin’ pretty on top of a lightly toasted in hot oil, corn tortilla smeared with warm refried pinto beans ~ and topped off with a a shake or two or three of hot bright red salsa fuego. Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Later today. I have me a date set with the aforedescribed crisp and luscious corn tortilla delight.

Life is slowly seeping back into this body and these bones. The spirit is returning to this physical form. The breath of living is being inhaled and lingering despair and self pity are being exhaled breath by breath. Along with this return to my life, comes an appetite for both comfort food ~ soft chewy savory creamy ~ and zest-full dishes ~ hot spicy crunchy and crisp. Always a good sign when I want to be cooking in my kitchen.