My little ceramic Christmas tree remains all it up just as it has been since the December holiday season. It stands about 12 or so inches tall and the multicolored lights glow from the small bulb hidden inside the tree’s ceramic core. I purchased a bigger version some years ago at a garage sale but like many of my belongings, it is packed away in a box in a heated storage unit in another town. The larger (about 2-feet tall) older version has seen better days and had been repaired with glue prior to being sold to the highest bidder.

Back in December I had been lamenting the fact that too many years had passed since I had decorated my very own holiday tree, when serendiptiously what should appear at the next craft table but the smaller version of the ceramic Christmas tree! My daughter quickly insisted on gifting me with the little guy, sweet woman that she is. And when I walked into my humble abode I immediately set it up on my desk where it has faithfully brightened my days and evenings ever since.

So the holiday season continues here in my little corner of the world, with my brightly lit desk tree and my 4-foot illuminated garage sale find Frosty the Snowman who has been emitting his soft glow on my east facing deck since October. In the Dark & Cold for Half the Year North Land, one takes and makes life’s pleasures one little lightbulb at a time.