Quick. Lest we be seen, I mean really viewed in our entirety, in the bright sun’s rays. The sun is shining again today in my corner of the world and I am quite liking and enjoying its late winter hint of warmth.

But the topic on my mind today isn’t so much about the sun but what we, what I, am comfortable revealing on this blog of mine. Or for that matter, in person, on Facebook, in essays and poems (published and unpublished), at work (when I have work), within my family, over dinner with a close friend, at the grocery, or while waiting in line, any line. What we, what I, consciously choose to share and what we, what I, unintentionally let slip, reveal, and bare for the world to see. That is assuming that the world gives a tinker’s damn about our, about my, covered up secrets or thinly concealed private holdings.

I have noticed a shyness or growing resistance on my part to share what is uppermost on my mind, the things that are important to me on this blog. As I posted earlier this week, there are some thoughts that are best self censored and are truly private and/or plainly ill matched to share on a blog. My curiousity today, however, is not so much about what is shared but the bits and pieces and entire elephants that are held back, not mentioned, out of fear that too much of ourselves, of me, will be visible. What is the big deal?

There are, of course, some commonsensical parameters or concerns such as past or future potential clients learning more about me than feels comfortable and the fact that family members and close friends have access, if they want, to this blog. But in the end, I believe we reveal so much about ourselves in the course of everyday living that any fears of being truly seen by others is most likely overblown. As in, totally. We fool ourselves into believing that people, even those closest to us, know only what we verbally tell them and yet it is plain that spoken words make up only a small percentage of how we learn.

So today as I go about my living I will be glad for the sun that is shining. I will do my best to remember that when it comes down to it, that there is very little left to hide that we haven’t already revealed in one way or another. And in the end, I doubt most of us will be regretting what we shared with others but, instead, wishing perhaps that we had shared just a little more of ourselves.