We do a lot of that. Watching for winter storms. Translated, that means waiting is a February pass time. Watching and waiting. Oh, and listening to weather forecasters and wondering whether they are being realistic or histrionic in their predictions and warnings.

According to the professional weather watchers, my region is in for a “winter storm watch” of 8-12 inches of snow fall, starting this evening and into tomorrow morning. Snow and wind. A veritable blizzard may be coming our way in a couple of hours.

However, if I recall correctly the last time I believed these forecasters, I scurried about laying in supplies while dutifully passing on the storm warnings to folks I encountered along the way, only to witness either no snow or a very light dusting. I felt a bit tricked, just a tad foolish.

So today I am taking the current approaching storm watch warning in stride, with a grain of salt with a little breeze thrown in, so to speak. Wherever you are today, I hope you are neither too cold nor too warm. But most of all, I wish us all safe passage into tomorrow.