and seat to their upright and fully locked positions.

Beds are highly overrated. As is lying prone or in the reclined position to sleep. These are the conclusions I have arrived at having spent the past seven nights sleeping upright in a non-reclining camel colored faux velvet covered wingback chair. I understand that the furniture’s upholstery is not integral to my telling of my plight, however, over the course of this past week (or 7 nights) I have become quite close with this chair. We are Forever Buddies now.

He/She/It looks out for me in little ways. Take for instance the way Its’ little wingbacks help keep my head in the upright and locked position, preventing my noggin’ from lolling too far to either side. This assistance alone is crucial in keeping me from spinning into yet another extreme bout of vertigo. Indeed, with this kind of aide who needs to recline, to stretch out, to flip over on one’s side, to spoon one’s pillow?

Who, indeed.