First glance. Little dots of white floating down to earth from the heavens. So light and airy that single dots are lifted skyward by a small draft of air current, rising a few inches before continuing its earthbourne flight. Lazy little guys, these white dots.

Second glance. Reveals a swell of white dots and their speed is increased to a swirl. The air current in keeping with the trend, has accelerated to a slight but steady breeze, causing the white dots to be swirled in an eastward direction.

Pause. My monkey mind says, hey wait let’s look let’s watch let’s witness this scene for a while. So that is what we are doing, Monkey Mind and I. I am taking in this scene of winter and asking myself to emulate nature’s way of letting things, in my case thoughts and feelings, drift and swirl about. All of this with the knowledge and faith that seasons follow seasonal change, that white dots turn to drops of liquid, that grey skies give way to blue, that bare branches will unfurl their greenery, that all things change and pass.

And just like that, the white dot show has slowed. Now highlighting even tinier dots. Harder to detect but coming down in a determined fashion. Reaffirming, again and again, that change is what we, nature and I, can count on. Always.