The view straight ahead of me from my north facing window is lovely. The white wooden window frame, frames a snowy forest of birch and evergreens made all soft looking through the morning fog. The temperature dipped into the 20’s last night following a light sprinkling of rain and then we must have received the lightest of snow dustings as the birch branches are snowflakey white. The deep green spruce boughs have little patches of white meringue here and there where the snow has accumulated from previous snowfalls. The background is swathed in that dreamy quality that fog brings and is dissipating enough to reveal the light grey sky beyond the forest.

Thank you Mother Earth for this peaceful lovely view. You are easing my current vertigo bound experience wherein I can only look straight ahead without movement of eyes or or head. Oh I am not paralyzed but if and when I do, and have, looked anywhere other than straight ahead or swiveled my head, I am struck down with huge waves of vertigo and nausea. So straight ahead my eyes, please stay.

I swear this wintry view from a warm and snuggly vantage point is likened to a soothing serenade. Music, art, and a balm for my soul. Thank you, again, Mother Earth, I accept your gift of beauty and healing.