and don’t look up. or to the side. In fact, remain stock still. and hold that pose for 24 hours.

I have been struck down with another extreme case of vertigo. This severe ailment requires me to sleep sitting upright as lying down exacerbates and prolongs the condition. Have you ever tried to take a shower without looking down or up or to the side, including shifting head or eyeballs? Pretty near impossible. Good thing my shower is equipped with grab bars.

Ever tried to be at your best and put your best foot forward in a job interview while trying not to vomit on the conference table or fall off your chair? I have. Earlier today. I am relieved to report that I did not puke on anything or anyone. I was also successful in remaining in my chair. Now if those were the only job requirements, I would already have a job offer in hand.

But come on self. Focus on the good, on the accomplishments, on the puke-free table. See. You feel better already, right? Right?