Etiquette. Or as the dictionary puts it …properties of conduct as established in any community, in this case, the blogging community. When I began blogging, I spiced up my posts with pretty pictures, some of them my own snapshots or art and other found images on Flickr, Google images, or elsewhere on the internet. It never dawned on me that I was using something without the permission of the owner or god forbid, stealing someone else’s property. After a while, I caught on enough to understand that photographs or images were copyrighted just like someone’s written words. So I began referencing the image source whenever possible and even went back and did the same with previously posted photographs.

But I have to admit that all this time later, that I still do not have a full grasp on the proper electronic etiquette or the ethics of using images from the internet on one’s blog. Is it enough to reference the creator or source of the image if using only one and not posting an entire photographic montage?

I am wondering about the do’s and don’ts of blogging etiquette because I miss incorporating images, bits of fun or beauty, into my written blog. So I think I will make it my mission to research this question of the day. After all, I want to be making blogging buddies not enemies ;-P