Today is the 45th Super Bowl and the hype is big regarding the publicly hoped for brute aggressive battle between the Steelers and Packers, with the Packers the favored winner. There’s the accompanying sports articles highlighting the alleged thuggish behavior and accused actions of team members, the various game-induced injuries of other players, and the down-to-the-wire curiousity of which players may or may not be able to play due to said injuries and/or unacceptable and someone say, illegal activities.

I’ll be watching today’s Big Game for two reasons. One, to watch Hines Ward who is touted to be one of the leagues only self-identified Asian American players. Hines was born in Korea to a Korean mother and African-American father. The family moved to the U.S. when he was a small child and following his parent’s divorce, Hines was raised mainly by his mother. In 2006, after being the first Korean-American to win the Super Bowl MVP award, Hines returned to his birth place of Seoul, Korea for the first time. Thus, began his efforts to highlight the challenges that biracial children face in his intensely homogenous home land. Through financial donations and Hines’ continued social and political efforts, he works to educate the public and help biracial children cope with discrimination.

I admire Hines Ward’s social activism and as a Korean-American I am proud of his achievements both on and off the field.

The second reason I will be watching Super Bowl XLV this afternoon, is the Steelers’ coach, Michael Tomlin. Not only is he, from all reports, a great coach and set to make some history if he leads the Steelers to another Super Bowl win, he is just plain good looking. You know, easy on the eyes. A sip, or two, of cool water.

Go Steelers!