My adoptive mother was a White Methodist American woman who trained me and my adopted sister to call her mama. Mama was born and raised in the American South and it seemed to this Korean adoptee that Southerners had a saying for just about everything imaginable and these sayings could be quite colorful and irreverant.

I have shared a few of these Mama’isms on this blog, such as there’s enough blue sky to make a cat a pair of britches and red skies in the morning sailor’s warning, red skies at night sailor’s delight.

Today’s Mama’ism is inspired by the fact that not only is there a lot of robin egg blue sky but the sun is shining. Coupled with the other fact that rain continues to fall in my heart, even with the sun and blue sky could mean that the devil is beating his wife. Mama would always say “well, don’t you know that the devil is beating his wife,” whenever these sunny blue sky moments with simultaneous rain showers would pass our way. Not a particularly pretty picture. But a true Mama’ism nonetheless.

So maybe if I repeat another childhood, non-Mama’ism, of rain, rain go away, come again another day, just maybe the rain will let up in my heart. That way, I could be happier and the devil’s wife could have a respite.