I am cleaning up the new borrowed space today and heading back to my old shared space. Good bye around-the-clock political pundits. Good bye HGTV and Star Trek: The Next Generation re-runs. Good bye heat that can be adjusted up and down with the mere turn of a thermostat. Good bye all night insomnia (hopefully).

A return to the old or to at least the what has been my humble abode, off and on, for about six years. The small space was initially meant to be an in-between place for me in the summers and winter holidays. I have been living there full time now for eight months. We’ve gotten to know one another during these days and nights. Grown familiar with one another’s creaks and drafty spots.

I wonder if the old space will be happy to have me back. I wonder if I am different than when I left.

Enough with these ponderings. There’s cleaning and replenishing of refrigeratorables to be done and I’m burning daylight, what few hours (albeit increasing moments) we have here in the Still Frozen North Land of Borrowed and Traded Spaces.