One thing about cable television is that news of the world is piped right into one’s space and there are a lot of different voices and supposed sources, national and international, sounding off about what happened when and to whom. Opinions, galore.

With regular broadcast news from the old standby’s, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and even PBS, there are times when I believe that all the sources can/are trace-able back to one, and only one, source. Sometimes I have even thought (here we go with the conspiracy theories) that this one source for all networks could be, maybe, almost assuredly, a paid source. I know, I know. Sound the, ‘here’s another nut job who probably believes that no human has really landed on the moon,” horns.

And then there are the times when I think that news finders and bringers of this news are interested in only ratings and ratings.

People rage. The news rages on. I sit. Listen. Watch. Change the channel from one angry face to another raised voice. Attempt to reconcile the passions of peoples all over this planet to my sputtering internal dialogue of should I stay or should I go.