I spilled coffee grounds this morning. The grounds were dry from yesterday’s brew and just a few, maybe 23 or so individual dried beads of ground up coffee (what do you call them) landed outside the trash can underneath the sink. Accident. No biggie. Sweep it up. Easily remedied, right?

Then why did sweat break out on my forehead as I immediately began to pick up each kernel and then quickly panicking, began to blow on them to disperse the mess from easy eyeshot? Could it be that I am a guest in my new space? A guest of the homeowner away on vacation? A homeowner who is fastidiously clean? The same homeowner who waits (inpatiently) for guests to finish their tea so the cup can be whisked into the dishwasher?

Easy does it. Breathe in and breathe out. Wipe the now dripping sweat from forehead. Remind self that there is enough time, a week to be exact, before neat-and-tidy host returns, to return the borrowed space to its original ultra clean and tidy state. There now. See. All is right with the world.

Borrowed space. Nothing like it.