I mean, thank God, it’s just a dream! Man alive. or as I like to say Man Alive-er! Have I ever been having some crazy off-the-chart weird just plain nut job dreams in my new space place. There was a bad scary one last night, or early this morning, just when I was starting to nod off. For the life of me I cannot recall the details or even the overall content. What I do recall is waking up thrashing around and being immediately relieved the second I realized I had been dreaming. I sort of think it had something to do with my beloved dog companion. She died 10 years ago this coming summer. I think, in the dream, she was in some type of danger or I was neglecting her in some way. Maybe I had forgotten to feed her for days on end. No. That was a dream from a couple of weeks ago.

Occupying someone else’s space can do strange things to one’s psyche. That’s for sure.