Thus far my newly acquired space to breathe and be has been filled up with a lot of sounds and voices. My current abode has cable television and it appears that I enjoy HGTV and the cooking channel, as well as political pundits. Interesting how all of this auditory input can drown out, completley, internal reflections. But I am strong and have finally willed myself to stop the multi-channel madness; clicking the required numerous buttons to turn off the television.

Meanwhile, outside these windows the snow begins to fall, again. Cars and trucks motor by on the nearby street. Fears seize my chest, once more. Worries return, jostling one another for my attention.

Let me try and remember. Remember that fear, worries, and guilt are optional. Remember that boldness and action have power and magic in them.

Maybe filler, auditory or otherwise, isn’t such a bad idea for a snowy winter’s day ~