Saying no can be tough. But what seems to be even more difficult is releasing the accompanying guilt that often times seizes one’s heart and sets up camp in the head, while hastily sending out sturdy roots to all regions of one’s psyche. There is, of course, that saying that goes something like, “guilt is optional.” You know come to think about it, I believe the saying is “suffering is optional.” Sort of the same thing though. And then there are other companion sayings touting that no one, other than ourselves, can make us feel guilt.

Feeling guilt and being guilty of being selfish, now there’s a marriage made in Hell. A shift in perspective views the same scenario that frames the guilt-selfish union and freedom-self love are sometimes revealed. How to know the difference? Practice, I suppose.

So here goes ~

No. I do not want to.

Guilt, be gone.
Freedom, come hither.